Our ESG Commitments

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – American Indian proverb




Environmental, Social and Governance issues though diametrically different are in fact broad set of issues that cover the scope from carbon footprint to labour practices and corruption. Its relevance in the present scheme of things emanates from the positive link between ESG performance and value creation for all stakeholders. Consumers are now demanding high standards of sustainability and quality of employment from businesses.

There is an increasing expectation of corporations to not only maximize shareholder value but take a broader role in society and we at ABLE are fully geared towards fulfilment of our ESG commitments and responsibilities.

Environment & Sustainability

As environmental damage continues unabated with devastating effects on human health, animal life and entire ecosystems, every decision that we make today will directly or indirectly affect the interests of our future generations to whom we owe an obligation to preserve the diversity and quality of our planet’s life sustaining environmental resources.  

From being once seen as the poor man’s oil to becoming the most widely consumed oil in the world, Palm Oil has seen it all and being a part of the Palm oil business, sustainability is inseparably interwoven into the fabric of our business ethics.  

As an organization we firmly believe in our commitment to a sustainable future and pledge to commit and comply with the edicts of RSPO Supply Chain certification and policy.  

We endeavour to retain RSPO products with clear identification/ traceability in the supply chain, committed to prevent incidences related to environment conservation, pollution, safety, health, welfare of the workers and personnel under the control of the organization.

ABLE - E - Goals


The last couple of years the Pandemic has brought forth not only many social issues pertaining to work disparity, but also desire for more equality, racial and gender justice, and more respect for one another.  Disclosing environmental impact and governance standards are easier given the tangible and quantifiable nature, however social factors are not so easy to define and quantify.  

Able is working diligently to ensure local communities are benefiting economically as well as the areas of gender equality and human rights are being regularly addressed. 
The company’s plants are predominantly in rural areas thereby providing essential employment opportunities and community engagement. We also earnestly work towards ensuring that all aspects of a product cycle are humane and respectful to employees, customers, and consumers. 

ABLE - S - Goals


Three pillars of ESG are profoundly interconnected with governance being the frame that ties Social and environmental issues together. A well governed company works within its regulations and policies, and good governance mitigates and controls risks to avoid mismanagement, potential scandal and regulatory sanctions. Governance is the underpinning for any effective ESG policy.


ABLE - G - Goals

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